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Karen and Michael

Private Lessons with Karen and Michael

Private dance lessons are a great way to rapidly improve your dancing. With one-on-one instruction, we can help you improve the look, style and feel of your dancing in a way that group classes cannot accomplish. Because we have the opportunity to dance with you and/or coach you and your partner, you get exactly what you need in the way that you learn best. We can help you accomplish goals customized for your needs. We often co-teach, so you get the benefit of two teachers for the price of one in many of your lessons.

We teach in Oakland, El Cerrito and Walnut Creek by appointment.

What are the Benefits of Private Dance Lessons?

  • You can learn 3-4 times faster than group lessons.
  • You can focus on what YOU want to learn.
  • You receive immediate feedback from your instructor.
  • You feel how technique works for lead or follow instead of just listening and watching.
  • You progress at your own pace.
  • Lessons are booked according to your schedule
  • You can make up missed group lessons
  • You can have choreography or dance patterns customized to maximize your strengths.
  • The private dance lesson provides a discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group.

Private classes provide an ideal learning environment for dancers (or aspiring dancers) at any level. They can help a shy person develop confidence on the dance floor, or speed an experienced dancer's transition to the intermediate or advanced level. They are a great way to develop closeness with your significant other or enjoy the process of learning with a friend.

What Dances Do You Teach?

We teached the following styles:

Argentine Tango: Traditional and Nuevo. Beg-Int-Adv.
Bachata. Beg-Int
Balboa. Beg-Int
Cha Cha International, American, Club style and Country. Beg-Int-Adv.
Charleston. Beg-Int
Country Two-Step. Beg-Int
Foxtrot International, American and Club style. Beg-Int-Adv.
Foxtantino see www.foxtantino.com. Beg-Int-Adv.
Hustle. Beg-Int-Adv.
Lindy. Beg-Int-Adv.
Merengue. Beg-Int-Adv.
Milonga Argentine. Beg-Int-Adv.
Night Club Two Step. Beg-Int-Adv.
Swing East Coast and West Coast. Beg-Int-Adv.
Tango International and American. Beg-Int-Adv.
Rumba International, American and Club style. Beg-Int-Adv.
Quickstep International and American. Beg-Int
Samba International and American. Beg-Int
Vals Argentine. Beg-Int-Adv.
Waltz International, American and Country. Beg-Int-Adv.
Vienese Waltz International and American. Beg-Int-Adv.
Beg = Beginning skill level patterns and technique
Int = Intermediate skill level patterns and technique
Adv = Advanced skill level patterns and technique

The above list represents what Karen and Michael teach together. There are a few dances that Karen teaches in the list above that Michael does not teach. If you have specific questions please contact Karen: info@karenandmichael.info 925-360-3527.

How Do Private Lessons Enhance Group Lessons?

Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns, but there is no substitute for working one-on-one in a private dance lesson with an accomplished instructor to learn the finer points of dancing. Private lessons will greatly improve your dancing skill.

A private lesson is your chance to clarify what you learned in a group class and to further refine your technique. You can cover one dance or several during your lessons. You can cover specific questions such as how to execute a particular figure or how to more effectively lead or follow. Your instructor will break down steps to their simplest forms and show you pattern variations to increase your versatility. You can learn how to listen to the music, keep the rhythm and how to move to the beat. You can learn how to improvise and be creative.

While a Group Lesson can teach you a pattern, you may not have completely mastered the technique and be unaware of problems that hold your dancing back. A group class instructor cannot give each student individual attention during the class, without slowing the class down.

If you are taking private lessons in addition to group lessons, you have the ability to take what you learn in group class and polish it further, maximizing the value of the group class.

What if I don't have a partner? Can I still take private lessons?

You don't need a partner to take private dance lessons. We will dance with you so that you have an opportunity to learn the lead or follow role that you desire. Private lessons are an excellent way to improve your dancing skills and ability to lead or follow. If you can lead or follow well, it is more likely that you will be able to find a partner to practice and dance with, because you will be fun to dance with. But, there are many dance parties available where people change partners all night long, so it isn't necessary for you to have a regular partner to be able to dance. Private lessons can help you learn to dance with the many different types of leaders and followers.

What if I do have a partner? Can we take lessons together?

Yes, you can take your private lessons together as dance partners. Many people prefer to take private lessons with a partner so they have someone to practice with for free afterwards. A private lesson costs the same for one person as for two. Partners can also split the cost of the lesson between them, reducing the lesson price by half.

Karen and Michael. Contact Karen: :info@karenandmichael.info 925-360-3527.