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Swing Dancing with Karen and Michael

Swing with Karen and Michael

Swing Dance Classes on Mondays at Lake Merrit Dance Center in Oakland

Swing Dancing originated in the 1920's in Harlem's Savoy Ballroom. From there, it spread across the US and around the world. It is one of the most popular forms of social dance. In this class we teach you East Coast Swing and Lindy moves that can be danced anywhere you find swing music: clubs, swing/lindy dance parties, ballroom dance parties and wedding receptions.

Swing with Karen and Michael

Karen and Michael

Beg-Int Swing. From beginning to intermediate level swing.

Mondays 7-8pm: Lesson 8-8:30pm Practice. Lake Merrit Dance Center.
No previous dance experience required
No partner required. Couples welcome.
$40 per month for 4 week month and $50 per month for 5 week month. (averages $10 per class) Each month we do a routine that begins on the first week of the month and progresses each week. Series starts at beginning of the month and we balance the leaders and followers that first week. Anyone coming after the first week should contact us first to see if there is room.
200 Grand Avenue, Oakland.
On corner of Harrison and Grand Avenue. Plenty of free parking around building.

Swing at Ashkenaz

Karen and Michael have been hosting live swing bands and bringing guest swing, balboa, St. Louis Shag, Lindy and East Coast Swing teachers to Ashkenaz for the past 10 years on Thursday nights, the fourth Saturday of the month and other dates throughout the year. Check out Swing at Ashkenaz for the latest events, classes and workshops

Ashkenaz Community Center
1317 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Swing at Ashkenaz

Karen and Michael's Recent Newsletters

2016: Jan 2016

A few of the Swing Dance Figures Taught in Karen and Michael's Ongoing Monday Classes

East Coast Swing
Leader's UAT to R or L
Follower's UAT to R or L
Alternating Turns
Tuck Turns
Turns with RRHH
Turns with LRHH
Turns with Change of Hands
Turns with Waist Slide
Heel Po
Jiigwalks in OP and CP
Outside Tuck and Follower;s Double Turn CP
Cuddle to Wheel with Follower's Roll Out and Outside Turn
Leader's Sneak Out to Follower;s Side Pass with Twist Away Ending
Hip Catch to Double Hairbrush
Follower's Forward Swivels to Leader's London Bridge
Side by Side Camel Walk
Follower's Side Pass to Hammerlock with Free Spin
Right to Right Jump with a Same Side Tuck
Most of these figures can be done in Single Time, Triple Time and Kick Step Rhythms variations
Paddle Step
One Step
Kicks in and Out
Basic Charleston
Swing Out
Swing Out From CP
Skip Out
Tuck Turn From Closed Position
Swing Out with Outside Turn
Hand to Hand Kicks
Back Charleston
Back Charleston Basic
Basic Entrance
Basic Exit
Follower's Turn, Tandem Turn
Kick Across
Double Kick
Crossover Charleston
Come Arounds