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Karen and Michael Student Medal Program

Student Medal Program

Karen and Michael are certified DVIDA instructors and can introduce students to the Internationally recognized DVIDA Student Medal Program. This is a great way of organizing the education experience for youth and adult students.

The Medal system allows consistent goals for the students, giving them a specific plan for their progress through bronze, silver and gold medal material in each dance they are interested in.

Students study for exams in their private dance lessons with us. At the end of 6 months we invite a DVIDA National Examiner to test their skills and later that same day, we hold a Medal Ball for the public, the students, their friends and others to celebrate their achievements. They perform for the test in private and then they do a dance performance at the Medal Ball for the public after they have been tested.

The syllabus (or groups of steps) are created by National Dance Champions and these figures are danced by dancers around the world, so what they learn here can be used in many places they may go in the ballroom dance community over the years to come.

Students who pass Medal tests, know that they have achieved an objective, a national standard of expertise (similar to green belt, black belt, etc in karate). This helps them to achieve mastery in lead, follow, styling and other things.